3D Modeling & Design Service

Effortlessly transform your idea into a 3D model.

All you need to start production is a CAD 3D model. No model? No problem.

Work with our team of designers to seamlessly turn your next idea into a production-ready CAD file.

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How It Works


As little as an idea, as much as a spec

We can get started with as little as a napkin sketch or as much as an engineering drawing. Existing 2D or 3D assets are often the perfect starting point for a great design.

You only have a physical part in hand? We still got you covered with our 3D Scanning and Reverese Engineering Service.



Design for Manufacturability (DfM)

Hard-edged or organic

We're capable of using the right tool for the right job - whether you're making a industrial or functional component, an innovative giveaway, or an aesthetic model. When a design is done at Printlay, it is the one for DfM!

Over the cloud update

Let the design come to you

We offer our clients with a clould link, accessible on any standard browser to view the progess trend in their design project. Physical location is no more a barrier, for your design project with Printlay!



Not just a 3d Design

Visualize the end-product look of your design

Stunningly rendered design of your model, with every spec starting from material to weight of production parts. We share images of the rendered models that can be used for business pitches and marketing.

3D Scanning and Reverse Engineeing

CAD reconstruction simplified. The ideal way to incorporate existing physical geometry into digital product development environments. Obtain editable CAD of your existing physical object. Our 3d Scanners are equipped to scan and digitize data upto 30 microns.

Learn more about our 3d Scanning and Reverese Engineering Services

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