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3D Scanning and Reverse engineering

CAD reconstruction simplified. The ideal way to incorporate existing physical geometry into digital product development environments. Obtain editable CAD of your existing physical object. Our 3d Scanners are equipped to scan and digitize data upto 30 microns.

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How 3D Scanning With Printlay Works

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Handover the parts to us

You can ship the parts to us or Drop it at our facility or We can pick it up for you

We 3D Scan the parts

We use our precise scanner to scan the parts and generate CAD data or Inspection reports

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We email the files in the format most suitable for your application. Be it CAD or Inspection reports.


What you can get from 3D Scanning

  • Part to CAD Conversion

  • Reverse Engineered Designs

  • Point Cloud Data

  • 2D Drawings

  • Part Analysis

  • Part Inspection

  • Tool and Jig Inspection

  • Mold and Die Inspection

  • Rendered Models

We offer On Site and In-Lab 3D Scanning Services in Chennai

On-site 3D Scanning

Avail the comfort of getting 3D Scan done at your location. This facility is very helpful when the physical parts are heavy, large, part of an assembly or intricate for transport.

Our expert engineers will come to your factory/facility with our 3D Scanner & all necessary equipments.

In-Lab 3D Scanning

Our 3d Scanning Labs are located in two areas in Chennai - Perambur & Ekkatuthangal. You can bring your components to our lab or ship them to us.

We offer free pick up and delivery of components for 3d scanning with in Chennai. Walk in to get 3d Scanning in Chennai.

Reverse engineering

Are there parts that you don't have a CAD file for? If you're trying to re-create a product by hand, the process can be tedious and painfully slow.

Through the reverse engineering process, we extract the digital shape of physical objects that may have insufficient design documentation or that require CAD data for modern manufacturing methods. The scanning process allows a component to be quickly and accurately reverse engineered.

printaly-3d Scanning

Inspection & Quality Control

3D scanning is an useful quality inspection tool. It allows you to compare the physical components with the corresponding CAD models, or control piece that is already quality assured. Compare your prototypes with your original designs, and expedite prototyping process, with the help of 3D scanning.

3D scanning assures high precision quality control, so you can carry out effective FEA analysis with the help of 3D scanned data.

Medical, Art & Fashion

3D scanning is a turnkey solution provider for patient-specific prosthetics for both upper and lower limbs. Also it can be used to acquire patient data and design customized braces.

With the help of 3D modeling and 3D scanning, sculptors can create infinite reproductions of an original design with detailed textures and colors without compromsing on uniformity.

Customer specific apparels and footwear are produced accurately with the help of 3D scanning technology.

printaly-3d Scanning

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