Printlay against Covid-19 with the world

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We are striving round the clock to manufacture and distribute medical devices/equipments that can be produced through various manufacturing techniques.

Face Shields

We have shipped out 5000+ face shieds in the past week for hospitals, Police department and other frontline workers. These shields provide complete coverage of face, ears and neck and are extremely ergonomic and comfortable for long hours of use. It is light weight, reusable and easy to wash.

Ventilator Splitters

Amid the shortage of ventilators due to the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers are finding success using 3D printing to enable “ventilator splitting.” This enables the ventilation of two or more patients with differing inspiratory pressures. The opensource community has come up solutions to solve the shortage of medical equipment.

Custom Medical Equipment

Printlay offers customized and patient specific medical equipments. Starting from user specific masks, produced by contactless 3d scanning and 3d printing the masks to tools that needs to be customized for Intensive Care Unit.

We extend our support for Face Shields, Ventilator Splits, etc